Sponsor a Student — $360
Feed a Student — $200
Equip a Student — $160

Sponsor a Student

For less than a dollar a day, you can provide a student with the essential resources for one year of education: two meals a day, a school uniform, school supplies, and medical check-ups.

Equip a Student

Kibera is home to more than 500,000 children, only half of whom are in school. While the 1,000 students at our schools are being fed, most families cannot afford a school uniform, a backpack, or basic school supplies. Additionally, families cannot afford regular medical checkups. Our commitment is to every child’s health and well-being.

Feed a Student

Most of the families in Kibera live on less than two dollars a day. Many children survive on one meal a day. Consequently, an enormous percentage of Kibera’s children are malnourished – a condition that arrests cognitive development and makes it nearly impossible to learn. Our schools provide their students with 2 meals a day. Help us to make sure every child is fed.

Bi-Lateral Scholarship Program

For those interested in a more personal one to one relationship with a student please follow the link below for more information.